Ultrasound (July 2017)

Had a great night out doing sound for my regular band and good friends ‘Ultrasound’ for a wedding in an old school marque in Norton Fitzwarren, nr Taunton.  This was an extra special gig as it was the keyboard player’s daughter who was getting married.  He was literally doing his speech while we where setting up!

As we were in a outdoor venue I decided to bring my smoke machine which surprised the band as they started playing ‘disco inferno’ it kicked in and for a just moment they thought something had gone wrong with the electrics as we were hocked up to a generator.  They soon realized it was just me goofing around and as everything is PAT tested and is run through power conditioners/surge protection should be safe from electric problems.

Very grateful to have been doing sound for Ultrasound over the last 8 years and their tolerance for me trying out new gear on them.

If you need a good covers band for your function you can’t go wrong with these guys who always manage to create a party atmosphere and fill the dance floor.    Feel free to contact me and I will pass you on to them.




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